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Description That is the other constant here. The movie game simulation once again predicts a Kansas City win, now over Tom Brady's Buccaneers with a last rating of 37 to 27.

A lot of people would rejoice at this information only because Brady has too many Super Bowl wins in his pocket already (6) although you can hardly blame him for talent. If Madden is right, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will eventually become the youngest QB to nab multiple Super Bowl wins ever at 25.

Some details in the Madden NFL 21 prediction:

One of these TDs include a second half, 63-yard touchdown into Tyreek Hill. Brady will toss the ball 332 yards with three touchdowns and also a lone interception. By halftime, the game is shut (my sole hope for a Super Bowl): Chiefs 14 vs Buccaneers 13. Things are even closer by the end of the next quarter--all tied up at 27 vs 27. It is not before the 4th that the Chiefs actually break out, winning the game 37 to 27.

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