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For instance sec Jaspet has become king in 323 ISK/m3 because of it's big reprocessing output of the two zydrine and noxcium. Crokite includes a large reprocessing output of noxcium and zydrine that has helped it jump up on the list as these two minerals have both stabilized in price across the 2000 ISK mark. Hedbergite also has kept most of it's value by having these two minerals as well as pyerite in it has reprocessing output. So if you're in null sec performing your mining, focus on those 3 ores in the forthcoming weeks to make the most of your profits.

This will certainly change as we get nearer to unlocking these tiers from the coming months as these minerals will shoot up in demand when they become a requirement in all high tier blueprints.Now we went within the ore tiers, lets have a look at the changes to nutrient prices which are impacting these alterations to the ore value.

Tritanium remains sitting at 3 ISK each and has been at the price point because the early weeks of the game. If you visit tritanium for two ISK on the market, it's a great idea to buy it as this cost because it is going to save you a great deal of cash because of T6 and T7 ships needing countless tritanium to fabricate, and a 1 ISK gap is huge when buying tens of thousands in a time.Pyerite has lost any value over the previous week but has stabilized around 28-30 ISK from the past 3-4 days, pyerite is a lot like tritanium as countless are needed when crafting the high tier boats so that their will always be a necessity. Mexallon has accepted the most significant hit in cost since a week's video dropping just under 50% of it's previous worth.

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